Charitable Gifts for Mother’s Day

Moms all over the world help make a difference

Make their world better by giving the gift of survival to those in need

Because a mom is a mom no matter where she lives. Because all moms, everywhere, love their children with all their hearts and want only the best for them. And because right now, moms in places like Ethiopia, Cambodia and Syria desperately need your help.

When Rukiya was pregnant with her first child, she laboured at home for four days. She finally delivered a baby boy but he died almost immediately. “I was physically exhausted after delivering him – and so devastated,” she says. 

Rukiya was scared to get pregnant again, yet she dreamed of having a family – a healthy boy or girl. It’s what every mother wishes for. 

But sadly, where a child is born still plays a huge factor in determining whether he or she will survive. While there has been progress to reduce infant deaths around the world, 7,000 newborns die every day. Most deaths occur in vulnerable communities, like the remote area of Ethiopia where Rukiya lives.

Fortunately, Rukiya learned about a UNICEF-supported health centre nearby. 

Today, Rukiya is the proud mom of three healthy children – all born at the centre under the care of a skilled medical team. 

This Mother’s Day, help make wishes come true for more moms than one like Rukiya, by choosing a UNICEF Survival Gift.