Help UNICEF vaccinate the world against COVID-19

As the global leader in vaccine delivery, UNICEF has been given the monumental task of delivering 2 BILLION doses of COVID-19 vaccines to people in vulnerable countries before the end of the year. 

The cost of delivering and administering the two required doses of the vaccines is $2.54 per person. This includes the per-person cost it will take to transport vaccines from the point of production to some of the world’s hardest-to-reach places, keep the vaccines viable by protecting the cold chain during the entire journey, train health workers to effectively administer the vaccines, and safely dispose of needles and waste. With your support, we’ll cover the full cost of the journey from the manufacturers to the arms of people. 


Here’s how your COVID-19 Vaccines Delivery Survival Gift will save lives:


The Cold Chain: Transporting the Vaccines 

Cold chain storage* is critical to keeping vaccines viable from the point of production to the end recipient. This is often a challenging journey, especially in regions where transportation is difficult and power supplies are unreliable. 

Your COVID-19 Vaccines Delivery Survival Gift will help UNICEF store the vaccines at the regional level, by providing items such as walk-in cold rooms and solar direct drive refrigerators to transport the vaccines to communities and health centres. 

Safe Delivery: Syringes and Safe-Disposal Boxes

Two billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines mean two billion disposable syringes. Your gift will help us build a stockpile of syringes and safe-disposal boxes for health facilities around the world. 

Training and Protecting Health Workers

Your gift will help us train health workers to safely administer the vaccines and help provide them with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which includes respiratory masks, surgical masks, gloves, protective boots, and coverall gowns, as well as biohazard bags for used masks. Your gift will also help health workers and vaccine recipients have access to sanitation supplies such as soap, water and hand sanitizer for use before and after vaccination.

*This includes only regular cold chain storage for the AMC supported countries. To learn more please click here.