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  • Equipped with food, oral rehydration salts and water purification tablets, first responders can deliver nutrition, safe water and treatment for dehydration to children.
  • A kit containing packets of food and micronutrient powder helps feed hungry families and treat child malnutrition.
  • Emergency Blankets support health and wellness for children, keeping them warm when they are vulnerable in times of crisis and recovery from illness.
  • Provide basic school essentials like pencils and exercise books, and give children the chance to learn. In conflict zones, 27 million children worldwide can only dream of going to primary school. Your gift can help them get there.
  • The fact that tetanus kills 1 baby every 21 minutes makes this gift a necessity. A case of tetanus vaccines will protect expectant mothers, who then pass on their immunity to their babies.
  • Every 2 minutes, a child under 5 dies of malaria. Distributing bed nets helps protect and save lives. Insecticide-treated bed nets are a simple and effective way to stop hundreds of daily malaria-related deaths.
  • An order of bright blue UNICEF backpacks supports learning and success. Children delight in carrying books and supplies in their own backpack—often one of few personal possessions.
  • A carton of 24 units of high-protein emergency food rations helps children overcome moderate malnutrition and helps restore their strength and well-being.
  • This gift will address the most urgent needs in our COVID-19 response including safe water, adequate supplies of nourishing food, life-saving vaccinations and support for families. You’ll help ensure that children are protected, even in this time of global crisis.
  • Providing children with access to safe water for drinking, hand-washing and other sanitation needs is even more critical during the COVID-19 pandemic. This gift helps prevent children from being exposed to deadly diseases, including COVID-19.
  • This gift helps save lives by providing the supplies to intervene when a child and their family are in crisis — from supplies for first responders, to an emergency shelter and food ration.
  • For children threatened by poverty and emergencies, humanitarian aid can’t arrive fast enough. A contribution to address the most urgent needs brings life-enhancing nutrition, education and emergency relief to children whose lives hang in the balance.