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  • Worldwide, it’s estimated that nearly two-thirds of 10-year-olds are unable to read and understand a simple text. Bundle these critical learning materials to help give children the joy of education.

  • Tetanus is a dangerous infection that could kill mothers and babies. A case of tetanus vaccines could protect expectant mothers, who then pass on their immunity to their babies.

  • Each year, half a million children die from malaria. Distributing bed nets helps protect and save lives. Insecticide-treated bed nets are a simple and effective way to stop hundreds of daily malaria-related deaths.

  • An order of bright blue UNICEF backpacks supports learning and success. Children delight in carrying books and supplies in their own backpack - often one of few personal possessions.

  • A carton of 24 units of high-protein emergency therapeutic food rations could help 216 children overcome moderate malnutrition and help restore their strength and well-being.

  • This gift could help save lives by providing the supplies needed to intervene when a child and their family are in crisis, from supplies for first responders, to an emergency shelter and therapeutic food rations.

  • For children threatened by emergencies, humanitarian aid could’t arrive fast enough. A donation to address the most urgent needs brings life-enhancing nutrition, education and emergency relief to the children whose lives hang in the balance.

  • When a crisis strips a community of its education resources, a School in a Box, with supplies to teach 40 children, helps equip teachers to turn a tent or the shade of a tree into a classroom.

  • Empower a community of girls to be better professionals and leaders within their communities by giving them the self-confidence they need through education with dignity. 

  • Child protection in emergencies is a critical pillar of UNICEF's work. You could help even more children with emergency essentials such as therapeutic food, safe water and shelter during disasters.

  • Yemen remains one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises. This life-saving gift could provide critical aid including nutrition, education and emergency relief to 4,000 children in Yemen.

  • This gift sends urgent humanitarian aid including life-saving nutrition, education and emergency relief to children and families directly affected by the war.