Mother's Day Gifts

Mother holds her 3-year-old daughter in front of a newly constructed toilet in their home.
Mother holds her 3-year-old daughter in front of a newly constructed toilet in their home.

Give A Survival Gift To Support Moms Around The World

  • Support a child as they are reunited with family and community by providing them with a hygiene and clothing package. Matched by an anonymous donor until May 15, 2024.

  • A stock of polio vaccines protects children from this contagious disease that could cause crippling paralysis or death. There is no cure for polio, but vaccinations provide effective prevention.

  • In 2022, the number of global measles cases DOUBLED over the previous year. Your gift of measles vaccines could help prevent 26 children from catching this highly contagious disease.

  • The life-saving combination of polio, tetanus and measles vaccines protects children against common, deadly diseases so they could grow up healthy and strong. 

  • Tetanus is a dangerous infection that could kill mothers and babies. A case of tetanus vaccines could protect expectant mothers, who then pass on their immunity to their babies.

  • The first days of a baby’s life are some of the most important. Each newborn kit, including blankets, prenatal supplements and vaccines, helps give babies a solid, healthy start.

  • A set of warm blankets will shield babies from cold, help protect them from illness and provide comfort in harsh and dangerous conditions.

  • Malnourished children need to gain weight fast. This life-saving, tasty peanut-based and micronutrient enhanced therapeutic food could help a child gain up to two pounds per week!

  • More than 3 billion people, including hundreds of millions of children, do not have access to handwashing facilities with soap. This gift makes a life-saving impact for children exposed to waterborne illnesses.

  • This gift sends urgent humanitarian aid including life-saving nutrition, education and emergency relief to children and families directly affected by the war. 

  • Each year, half a million children die from malaria. Distributing mosquito bed nets helps protect and save lives. Insecticide-treated bed nets are a simple and effective way to stop hundreds of daily malaria-related deaths.