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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Survival Gifts?

Survival Gifts represent critical items such as blankets, water purification tablets and therapeutic food that UNICEF is delivering from the world’s largest humanitarian warehouse and local suppliers. Every item makes a real, tangible difference in the life of a child.

A description of each item is included with every order. You can choose to receive a printed card with an envelope, download a printable PDF card, or send a personalized e-card with your order.

Are Survival Gifts real items?

Every Survival Gift is a simple and powerful tool that could help protect children. Survival Gifts represent real, life-saving items UNICEF is delivering to children and families from the world’s largest humanitarian warehouse and, where possible, from local providers. When you buy a Survival Gift, you are making a donation to UNICEF, helping fund our wide-reaching work in over 190 countries. Thank you for trusting us to use your gift where it is needed most.

What do the e-cards look like?

E-cards will be sent to your gift recipient within 24 hours. If you wish to send it on another day, that option is also available.

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What do the printable PDF cards look like? How do they work?

The printable PDF cards are emailed to you after your purchase. They are designed to print out on one side of a standard 8.5x11 piece of paper. You simply fold the paper to make the card. These cards are identical in design to the paper cards and are a great way of giving a last-minute gift without worrying about shipping time.

You will need a PDF reader to print your cards. If you require one, you can download Adobe Reader for free here.

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How does it work?

When you buy a Survival Gift, you are making a donation to UNICEF, helping fund our wide-reaching work in more than 190 countries and territories. Your Survival Gift will help protect children by ensuring they receive essential supplies, education, clean water, healthcare, nutrition and protection.

What is a matched gift?

Matched gifts are possible through the generosity of our partners. When you purchase gifts with a matched icon, your gift will have double the impact.

What do the print cards look like? How long will they take to reach me?

Cards can be mailed to the gift purchaser or recipient. During non-peak times, the cards may take up to 7 to 10 business days to arrive. If you are ordering close to the holiday season, please check posted information regarding cut-off times.


Do all Survival Gifts qualify for a tax receipt?

Yes. In addition to helping children, all Survival Gift donations qualify for a tax receipt. For gifts purchased online, you will receive a tax receipt within 15 minutes of your donation. For Survival Gift donations made through the mail or by phone, you’ll be able to choose an emailed or paper tax receipt, which may take up to 10 business days to arrive. Tax receipts will be for the total amount of your donation.

Can my gift be directed to a particular country?

Gifts cannot be directed to a particular country. Managing the delivery of items at this level would increase costs, and UNICEF wants to ensure your gift goes where it is needed most in the most cost-effective way. Please note that there are a few urgent aid products, such as “Urgent Aid for Ukraine”. which are designated to supporting humanitarian relief efforts in a specific country.

Are items procured by UNICEF produced with regard to human rights?

UNICEF applies the highest standards of social responsibility, ethical procurement, safety and regulatory compliance in all the products we procure and deliver. We ensure our suppliers conform to the United Nations Global Compact, which outlines a set of core values in respect of human rights, labour standards, child labour provisions, the environment and anti-corruption policies. We systematically conduct social and quality audits, product testing, and quality control inspections.

Why do some gift prices change from one year to the next?

Since Survival Gifts are purchased globally or locally from manufacturers, the prices are susceptible to exchange-rate fluctuations and changes in the cost of materials and shipment.

Can I personalize Survival Gifts for my recipient?

Yes! You can include the recipient’s name and your name along with a personal message. Or you can request a blank card and write a personal message when you receive the card.

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